"We are all unique compositions wanting to express our songs to the world"

We all know those moments when we feel disconnected from ourselves and out of sync with our deepest desires. Those times when our outer world is in conflict with our inner universe. I use sound to help you heal and reconnect with yourself so you can access and express your gifts into the world. I encourage you to delve deep into your own growth so that you may extend that into the world through your business or a cause. When you are fully in tune with yourself, you can make an impact in the world simply by being you. When you are experiencing harmony within, this is reflected outwardly and you begin to feel in the flow in all areas of your life.

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Born in Trinidad and into a globe-trotting family, I spent the formative parts of my childhood in Forest Hills, Queens, New York before returning to the Caribbean region. The sights and sounds of NY, were in stark contrast to those of my eventual home; Barbados. Everything was so much clearer and brighter, yet it was really what I heard that had the greatest impact on me at the time. Nature’s orchestra expressed itself at night through sounds and vibrations that struck me profoundly.

 “Your voice is like a snake, bending and weaving effortlessly through the grass. You have a gift! -Eddy Grant

By the time I was seven I knew I wanted to express myself through sound and so, as I grew, I pursued singing with strong determination and dedication. Today I am fortunate to have toured the world as a singer, lectured at great London universities and to have authored a book on performance excellence. Working with large media organisations and coaching singers on primetime TV show The Voice UK added another fun dimension to my professional journey.

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"March to your own beat and be creative in your symphony"

Each and every one of us has unique gifts to share. Once you know what your gifts are, it then takes willingness to nurture them and courage to express them fully and authentically into the world. The world would be a better place if we all danced to our own song and embraced each other's symphony.

Love Notes From My Amazing Clients

"Conduct your own life and let your resonance be strong!"

Resonate with love and wisdom and add strategy and action, so that you can design your own path towards fulfilment and joy. Orchestrate a vibrant life expression filled with dynamics, nuances and melodies that uplift you and all those around you; creating an impact in the world.