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On today’s episode of the Soulfull Sound Podcast, I enter into conversation with creative entrepreneur: Chantal Miller.

Chantal Miller is a creative synergist who is passionate about wellness, representation and joy and combining all three elements to curate experiences which tell the stories of the Caribbean in ways which inspire, uplift and heal.

What is a Caribbean woman? Is it her heat, her sizzle and her boldness? Is it her adaptability and her daring to rise even when it’s challenging?

Joy is an element that needs to be enabled a lot more.

Chantal opens up about some of the challenges for women of the Caribbean diaspora. She keeps it real about her personal experiences, talks about some big lessons learned in business and gives some tips to aspiring creatives.

Points of Discussion:

  • What ignited the vision for her work (8:28)
  • What is Island Girls Rock all about? (10:54)
  • Chantal’s ‘definition’ of a Caribbean woman? (16:00)
  • Some of the challenges for women of the Caribbean diaspora (20:40)
  • Some big lessons learned in business (35:22)
  • Fast forward 3 years … (52:00)
  • Advice for aspiring creatives (56:15)


About Chantal Miller

Chantal Miller is the founder of Island Girls Rock. Island Girls Rock was created mainly from love and a burning desire to ensure that Caribbean women were gifted a platform which represented them beyond the expected ‘norm’.

”We are just as dope, fly and dynamic as any demographic of women, but are often not presented as such or afforded the spaces to celebrate that.”

In addition to building IGR with her kick ass team, Chantal is also a producer/presenter (radio and podcasts),much sought after voice over artist and has an intense passion for Caribbean films. 

She runs digital storytelling workshops for young people and is regularly commissioned to speak on matters related to creative entrepreneurship, wellness and the power of digital storytelling.

Chantal has curated exhibitions and panel discussion series related to these themes with the most recent being ‘Back Home’ where she collaborated with Gabrielle Smith of The Nu Black and Through Our Eyes a photography focused week of panel discussions and exhibitions exploring Caribbean representation in mainstream media (PhotoFusion UK).

Chantal is a day dreamer who gets s%&t done.

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