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On today’s episode of the Soulfull Sound Podcast, I enter into conversation with the beautiful Dr Saida Désilets who is a body philosopher, counter-culture creatrix and advocate for sexual sovereignty.

With a PhD in Trans-personal Psychology her research has opened the doors to helping women world wide to reclaim, enliven and ignite their erotic genius.

In this episode Saida shares her personal healing journey – from being told she had two weeks to live, to living a full and vibrant life. She speaks about sexual sovereignty and offers some practical first steps you can take to reclaim yours. Saida also talks about desire which she regards as an emerging, evolutionary force in our lives to be both harnessed and trusted as our own unique compass.

Saida gets personal and delves deep into her story; dropping nuggets on the steps she took towards healing herself. Her short poem (below) beautifully expresses her take on healing.

It is through loving that we heal, because in truth there is nothing to heal, only the loving to reveal.

Join us for this juicy episode!

Points of Discussion:

  • Saida breaks down the meaning of body philosopher (02:20), counter-culture creatrix (3:30) and sexual sovereignty (5:25)
  • Some practical first steps to reclaim your sexual sovereignty (8:05)
  • What ignited the vision of her work (14:40)
  • Part of Saida’s story and the healing that has and continues to take place for her (15:25)
  • One of her client’s powerful transformations (31:20)
  • Sources of inspiration (37:00)
  • What is DESIRE? (47:40)


About Dr Saida Désilets

Dr. Saida Désilets wants to live in a world filled with audacious, sexually sovereign women, living life on their own terms.

As a counter-culture creatrix, body-philosopher and advocate for sexual sovereignty, Saida has also written The Emergence of the Sensual Woman followed by her newest book Desire.

Her innovative method has been featured in Dr. Christiane Northrup’s bestselling books: Women’s Wisdom, Women’s Bodies & The Secret Pleasures of Menopause, as well as in the books of Dr. Rachel Abrams: Multi-Orgasmic Woman and BodyWise.

Saida is renowned for being the founder of the modern Jade Egg movement and visionary spokesperson for sexual Sovereignty, and has created The Daring Project—a growing online membership of women from around the world—assisting women to audaciously move from being a victim to confidently thriving in life.

When she’s not dancing with her husband, you can find Saida leading Wilderness Safaris for women in South Africa or writing deliciously sensual poetry.

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    • Will

      I absolutely loved this interview! Saida is truly amazing, and her taking on healing and sexuality is just profound and beautiful! Thank you!

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